Kaikado Tea Caddy Brass Wide 400g


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Based on the design from 1875, the Kaikado Tea Caddys have stood the test of time. The materials are chosen for their aging qualities and watching the metal change color over the years as the caddy is used is considered a great joy. The everyday use of the caddy leaves traces on its surface and tells the tale of your everyday life.

The double-lid feature ensures that its contents are kept fresh. The first lid is placed inside the caddy by gently pressing it into place. The second lid is shaped like a hat and as it is placed over the caddy it slides slowly into place with a gliding motion created by the flow of escaping air.

Pleas note: Due to the request of Kaikado we wont sell there products outside of the Nordic countries. 

13cm high
10,5cm in diameter

Kaikado Tea Caddy Brass Wide 400g
- Handmade in Kyoto, Japan