Passion France Laguiole Knife

Passion France Laguiole Knife

Passion France

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The traditional Laguiole Knife has been made in France since 1829. The name of the knife commas from the small village named Laguiole where this kind of knife was originally made. The knife has became known for its traditional design and high quality and older versions are consider collectibles today. The knife has also proven to be a great tool in the sommelier occupation. 

This version has a black horn handel decorated with a cross made of studs. This cross design was said to be aded to the knife so that it's wearer could stick the knife in the ground and say a pray to the cross when needed. 

22cm when unfolded.
12cm when folded.

- Passion France Laguiole Knife.
- Handel made of horn.
- Blade of 12 C 27.
- Cross symbol on the handel.
- Equipped with a corkscrew.
- Made in France.