Buzz Rickson's A-3 HBT Twill Cap

Buzz Rickson's A-3 HBT Twill Cap

Buzz Rickson's

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The Japanese brand Buzz Rickson's are today counted among the few high-end reproduction manufacturers of military and casual garments in the world! They strive to make true replicas by carefully researching and analyzing original vintage garments, taking great care to duplicate the material while paying close attention to technique and quality with the goal to bring back old forgotten techniques and machines needed to make garments of outstanding quality without compromises.

The US Army A3 Mechanic's Cap is reproduced to meet the standards of the caps worn by the US-Army in the early years of WWII.

The fabric is a nice and sturdy 8,2 oz cotton herringbone twill, a fabric that got it's name because the texture resembles the skeleton of a herring. This weaving technique is most commonly used in wool textiles and for more dressed up suits, but during the 40 and 50s it was also used in the military and and in workwear garments and that's were this jacket find it's inspiration. The cotton herringbone fabric was referred to as the "HBT twill".

- Buzz Rickson's A-3 HBT Twill Cap
- BR02536
- 100% Cotton
8,2 oz herringbone twill
- Army Air Force stencil print on the back of the cap
- Herringbone taped internal seams
- Pre washed
- Made in Japan