Indigofera Hank Long Sleeve Henley Army Canteen

Indigofera Hank Long Sleeve Henley Army Canteen


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Indigoferas Hank Shirt is made from American Supima cotton in a fabric that is thick, yet feels cool to the touch due to the long cotton fibers used. The best thing with this shirt is that it will stay soft and feel great to wear after several washes when other cotton garments can get a dry feeling after being used and washed for some time.

Supima cotton is a word comprised of "superior" and "Pima". Pima is a variety of cotton that has extra long fibers, and Supima is a non-profit organization from the US who promote North American grown cotton.

So what does extra long cotton fibers do to the finished product? In order to make a fabric the cotton fibers are first spun, causing them to twist around each other to form a thread and the longer fibers that are used, the stronger the thread is. A cotton fiber that is longer than the industry average fibre is the basic and most important ingredient in the creation of a long-lasting garment, as it replicates the raw material used to make garments before fast fashion was a thing. 

Indigofera Hank Long Sleeve Henley Army Canteen
- Buttons at the neck
- Made from 100% American Supima cotton
- Cuffs made of cotton canvas with button for size
- Made in portugal

 Size Chart

Width Length Sleeves


46cm 67cm 54cm
M 48cm 71cm 54cm
L 50cm 72cm 54cm


53cm 73cm 54cm
XXL 56cm 73cm 54cm