Indigofera Iconic Long Sleeve Skull Tee

Indigofera Iconic Long Sleeve Skull Tee


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Indigofera has teamed up with graphic designer Björn Atldax once again and this skull print is the result of the collaboration! The design is based on the legends behind Jolly Roger and the hourglass as a symbol.

Back in the days when pirates roamed the seven seas the hourglass was an important tool in order to keep track of time during dark nights. The hourglass was also used to decorate flags in order to let the pirates foes know that they were running out of time! This is said to have been very effective as captains often surrendered their ships to the pirates when they saw these fearful motifs. 

This print is also available as a wool blanket!

Indigofera Iconic Long Sleeve Skull Tee
- 100% cotton
- Print designed by Björn Atldax
- Made in Portugal

All measurements are in centimeters and measured on a flat surface. Width is measured straight across the chest from armpit to armpit, length is measured at the back of the garment from the neck down and the sleeve length is measured on the underarm from the armpit to the end of the cuff. 

 Size Chart

Width Length Sleeve


51cm 64cm 53cm
M 55cm 65cm 55cm
L 57cm 67cm 55cm


61cm 68cm 57cm