Vintage USMC P56 Cotton Twill Pants

Vintage USMC P56 Cotton Twill Pants

Second Sunrise

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This is a pair of vintage USMC cotton twill pants used by the US Marine Corps back in the middle of the last century. These pants have a high waist that reaches up to the actual waist a couple of centimeters above the bellybutton. In combination with a good width in the legs you get that formal but at the same time comfortable style that we associate with a well dressed fashion from the middle of last century.

The pants are Vintage but in great condition for their age.

Hemming is always included when you purchase a pair of pants from us! Give us a comment during check out and we will shorten them before we send them. Keep in mind that you won't be able to return the pants if we alter the length for you.

- Vintage USMC P56 Cotton Twill Pants
- Cotton twill fabric
- 100% Cotton
- Button fly

- Made in USA

All measurements are in centimeters and measured on a flat surface. The thigh measurements are taken 10 centimeters down from the crotch straight across the pant leg.

 Size chart
Waist 41
Inseam 75
Front rise 33
Back rise 46
Thigh 34
Leg opening 26