Sun Surf Rayon Hawaiian Shirt

Sun Surf Rayon Hawaiian Shirt "Red Snapper" Special Edition Kalakaua

Sun Surf

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The Sun Surf brand is known for making the finest reproductions of classical Hawaiian shirts today. These shirts are carefully reproduced with a big attention to details when it comes to reproducing pattern, fabrics and fits of the fantastic shirts produced on Hawaii in the 30s to the 50s. If you compare these ones to a original vintage one it will be hard to tell the difference! 

This is a reproduction of a vintage Hawaiian shirt dated to the late 50's. Acording to Sun Surf who has now made reproductions of vintage Hawaiian shirts for over 20 years and studied the original ones, not much is known about Kalakaua. Since the latter half of the 1940s just before the heyday of Hawaiian shirts was about to begin, Kalakaua produced some shirts that will remain legends when it comes to vintage Hawaiian shirts. Sun Surf has studied Kalakaua for the past twenty years and hopefuly they will be able to tell us more about this mysterius maker in due time. 

One thing is clear and that is that Kalakaua med a name of them self by producing some wonderful oriental designs with Japanese inspired patterns. This one is a great example of one of many wonderful Kalakaua designs and considered a masterpiece among the vintage Hawaiian shirt collectors.

Rayon is a semi-synthetic cellulosic fiber that has been used in textiles since 1899 and is among others known as the go to textile for Hawaiian shirts. The secret that makes Rayon a perfect fiber for warmer temperatures comes from the characteristics of the fibre. It's soft, smooth, comfortable and some what shiny. Compared to cotton, Rayon is a less absorbent fibre making it perfect to wear in humid climates and in warmer weather. It isn’t a naturally warm fabric, which means that it doesn’t retain heat. It will stay cool and breathable, a necessity during the hottest days of summer.

Johan is 173 cm tall, weigh 67 kilos and wears size Small.

- Sun Surf Rayon Hawaiian Shirt "Red Snapper" Special Edition Kalakaua
- SS38925
- Reproduction of a vintage Kalakaua Hawaiian shirt
- Chest pockets
- Bambo buttons
- 100% rayon
- Comes packaged in a nice Sun Surf box
- Made in Japan

 Size Chart

Width Length
S 52cm 63cm
M 57cm 66cm
L 59cm 67cm


63cm 68cm
XXL 66cm 75cm