Tender Sidings Chukka Boots Wattle Tanned Natural Leather

Tender Sidings Chukka Boots Wattle Tanned Natural Leather


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Tender is a one man brand based in England and the founder William Kroll continues to make beautiful clothes inspired by the history of durable workwear with a contemporary style.

These Chukka boots are completely made in England. The leather used is a natural veg tanned wattle and chestnut bark dyed leather with a thickness of 3 mm. The upper part of the chukka boot is built using four pieces that are stitched together and shaped to later be fastened on a leather midsole using brass screws. The sole is then finished with a Dainite studded rubber sole for great flexibility and grip. These shoes are unlined and constructed without heel or toe reinforcements, making them lighter than most other chukka boots on the market. With time and wear the leather will shape to your foot almost like a second skin making them second to none when it comes to comfortable footwear!

The natural wattle leather has a light color that will age to perfection when worn for a long time. Wear it for some seasons and you will be able to see their transformation from bright to a darker leather shade and what you experience in your shoes will also be visible in the leather in a most beautiful way.

When producing boots using this kind of leather it is unavoidable to get stains and tool marks during production. One way to protect the leather from getting these marks is to wrap the leather in plastic prior to production or to add treatments that also will affect the aging of the leather in a negative way. Since Willliam is not a fan of adding plastic to his production these shoes are made without that treatment and with that there will be visible traces on the boots from the factory. If you give them a layer of boot oil this will hide most of the marks and when worn for a few weeks the brighter part of the leather will catch up, and giving them a beautiful natural and even shade!
Since every pair of these shoes are unique we will send you pictures of your chosen pair prior to shipping them to you.

- Tender Sidings Chukka Boots Wattle Tanned Natural Leather
- 100% natural wattle tanned leather
- Brass eyelets
- Leather shoe laces
- Dainite studded rubber sole
- Hand made in England