Vintage RAF Escape Map 1953

Vintage RAF Escape Map 1953

Second Sunrise

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Back in 1953 these maps wear issued by the Brittish Royal Airforce to be carried around by the pilots if they were to fly on a mission over the mapped region.

The maps got the name escape or evasion maps and are printed on a silk/ryon fabric had a lot of function behind it. A paper map is both sensitive to moisture and tricky to fold up when in a hurry, while a pice of fabric can always come handy and these maps are perfect to wear around your neck as a scarf. That way they keep your neck warm while supplying you with information of the regions.

One side shows the Stockholm-Oslo are and the other the Stockholm-Riga area. The print is very finely detailed and most small communities, roads, churches and lakes that were there in 1953 can be found. There is also a small dictionary on each side, with basic words that would help the wearer to find the way home if needed. 

If you want to read more about these scarves we made a blog post about them that can be found Here!

Please notice that this is not a reproduction, these are the original ones printed back in 1953. 

92cm long
58cm wide

- Original vintage escape maps.
- Stockholm-Oslo region on one side and Stockholm-Riga on the other.
- Made of silk/ryon, same fabric used in parachutes.
- Printed in 1953 for RAF