Gunnar Bo Wool Scarf Striped White / Red

Gunnar Bo Nordics Knits

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Gunnar Bo Nordic Knits is a one man operation by Swedish designer Viktor Zetterman. This barstripe wool scarf is knitted on an original shuttle loom machine by Viktor himself. Using 100 % lambswool and, handmade fringes and cast off makes these scarfs something extra.

The Gunnar Bo label is woven on an original shuttle loom machine and the pictured blue cornflower (Centaurea cyanus) is the symbol of the Swedish region of Östergötland where the scarf is knitted.

The tension of the knitting may vary slightly between colors, which is a sure way to tell that this scarf is made by a human and not a computerized knitting machine. This heavy yet fluffy and chunky scarf will make sure you will stay warm.

- Gunnar Bo Wool Scarf Red
- Measurements 156 cm x 16 cm
- 100% wool
- Tubular knitted
- Made in Sweden