Mending workshop

Mending workshop

Second Sunrise

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Join us in our store for a creative denim mending workshop! 
This spring we offer Saturday morning stitching sessions in the store, a great way to bring your favorite jeans back to life while adding a personal touch to them. 
With inspiration from Japanese Sashiko and visual mending techniques we talk about how different kinds of repairs kan be used depending on the character of the damage on the garment. We'll share the basic do's and dont's in hand sewing with you, giving you a good start to using needles and thread to keep your wardrobe in check. 

Bring a pair of jeans that need some love and we'll get you started with your repairs! The workshop begins at 10.00 and when the clock strikes twelve we open up the store to customers and you're welcome to hang around as long as you like while we tend to our store-owner duties. 

No previous knowledge is required to join in. There are eight tickets available to each workshop and they can be bought here or in our store at Katarina Bangata 69.  For more info please contact us at or give us a call at  +46 (0)8 643 39 15.