African Indigo Textile Resist Dye No. 22

Second Sunrise

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Indigo has been used in many different cultures all around the world and in Africa there is a long tradition of making indigo dyed clothing and fabrics using a variety of different techniques. This textile comes from Burkina Faso and the fabric used is made from hand-woven strips of cotton fabric that have been stitched together in order to make a bigger piece of fabric.

The pattern on this one is made using a stitch resist dye technique were the pattern is made by sewing rows of stitches in the fabric before it is dyed in indigo.

These fabrics are just perfect to wear as big scarves but they look equally fine hanging on the wall, over the couch or decorating as a small blanket at the bottom part of the bed!

Please note: Since this is a vintage handwoven textile, wear, tear and smaller holes may occure. In our opinion, these traces of time make them beautiful.

African Indigo Textile Resist Dye No. 22
- Hand made in Burkina Faso
- 100% cotton
- Resist dyed with indigo
- Measures: Length 146 cm, width 101 cm