BasShu Cotton Patchwork Multi Cloth

BasShu Cotton Patchwork Multi Cloth


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BasShu is a small brand that is all about highlighting Japanese manufacturers. Japan is a country that has many small producers that share the same values as BasShu and they take pride in the quality and craftsmanship that goes behind the making of a great product.  

The patchwork multi cloth finds it's inspiration in old vintage military textiles, and this piece of fabric is made by combining small pieces of green canvas woven in Okayama. Named Multi cloth, it has no specific purpose, but can be used just as you please and 
we are sure that everyone will come up with their own ideas. It would look great as a rug, covering a part of the bed or as a drape hanged in a door opening. We will most likely use ours as a table cloth in the store and sometimes as a background for taking pictures.  

- BasShu Cotton Patchwork Multi Cloth
- 100% Cotton
- 140 cm x 190 cm
- Made in Imabari, Japan