BasShu Wool Blanket / Jacquard Light Brown

BasShu Wool Blanket / Jacquard Light Brown


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BasShu wool blankets are all inspired by the quality and comfort of blankets produced back in North America in the early 1800's, and if one has been lucky enough to be able to touch a vintage blanket from that time one can see that the quality of a BasShu blanket is more or less the same. Today BasShu makes these high quality blankets with the highest level of attention to the details in Izumi Otsu, Japan, a region famous for their wool blanket production.

All of BasShus blankets are woven on one jacquard loom that has been maintained and in use for over fifty years when the factory made their very first blanket. T
he quality and the craftsmanship necessary to maintain and to keep using this jacquard loom has been passed down from generation to generation. The loom can only produce 20 meters of fabric in one days work, which is enough to make ten blankets. BasShu uses 100% premium graded wool in order to make their wool blankets, with hope that they will be used and loved for generations to come. 

After they are woven the blankets are sent to a brushing expert. In this facility the craftsmen makes the blankets soft and pliable. The blankets are treated to give them the best possible texture while considering the humidity and temperature in the air at the time, along with the condition of the weave and the mood of the machine. 

- BasShu Wool Blanket / Jacquard Light Brown
- 100% wool
- 180 cm x 153 cm
- Made in Japan