ELMC Biker Flight Vest Havana Brown

ELMC Biker Flight Vest Havana Brown


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Shearling vests were adopted by the USAAF in WWII to afford airmen extra warmth under their leather flight jackets, when it wasn't quite cold enough to require their full sheepskin 2-piece suits. It was categorised as an 'intermediate' flight vest, Type C-3.

Basically it was the conception of the 'body-warmer', and proved to be immensely popular not only by aircrew but also in the post-war years for those enjoying outdoor pursuits such as motorcycling. A number of civilian variants soon followed, with nicer trim, and the addition of pockets.

The ELMC version is taken from a vintage original, and is embellished with pockets and rivets for extra comfort and strength. They are contour cut purposely to fit very neatly to the body, with low pile fleece, so as to be worn easily with or without an over jacket. They are also kept at hip length, so as not to bunch when sitting on a bike or driving - just like the originals.

ELMC Biker Flight Vest Havana Brown
- Premium grade North American sheepskin
- Low-shorn 6mm fleece pile for neat look and comfort
- Italian, veg-tanned horsehide trim around all edges for durability
- Italian, veg-tanned horsehide pockets
- Dull-nickel vintage metal zip
- Made in England

All measurements are in centimeters and measured on a flat surface. Width is measured straight across the chest from armpit to armpit. The length is measured at the back of the garment from the neck down.

 Size chart

Width Length
38 51cm 58cm


54cm 59cm
42 57cm 60cm
44 60cm 63cm
46 63cm 65cm