Indigo Workshop

Indigo Workshop

Second Sunrise

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The second Sunday every month our store is transformed into a creative workshop space for dyeing with natural indigo. Our book “En handbok om Indigo” was published by Natur & Kultur in 2017 and workshop is an extension of it! One of our favorite things with having our own shop is to share our knowledge and to inspire others to dig into the fascinating area of craftmanship, and inviting our visitors to the workshops is a great way to do that!

The workshop is four hours long and includes: 

12:00-13:00 Welcome! Over a cup of coffee we talk about the history of indigo and what makes the indigo pigment different from other natural dyes. We will also show some fabrics related to indigo from our collections, among them Japanese Boro textiles, old miners denim and scarves worn by the Tuaregs of West Africa.

13:00-14:00 A short presentation of different patterning techniques. We are heavily inspired by Shibori, the classic Japanese way of making patterns by folding, tying or pressing the fabric before it enters the dyepot. After the techniques are presented you will have good time to create what you like with the fabrics included in the workshop.

14:00-15:30 The actual dyeing process starts. You will get instructions and the do's and don'ts when it comes to handling the indigo dyeing process. 

15.30-16:00 Rinsing time for your freshly dyed fabrics. It's very important that this is done properly and – equally important! – that you wash the fabrics once again at home before you start wearing the dyed fabric.

The workshop is suitable for beginners, so no previous knowledge required. You will be supplied with all the information and materials needed to dye, including fabric. However, if you prefer to dye something you already have that's fine if it's about the size of a t-shirt. Remember that the dye won't stick to any synthetic fibres.

We have a maximum of ten participants for each workshop. To secure your spot you can get your ticket here or by stopping by the store. The workshop must be booked in advance. Please feel free to contact us at or give us a call at +46 (0)8 643 39 15 for more information.