Indigofera Nash Jeans Indigo Black Selvedge

Indigofera Nash Jeans Indigo Black Selvedge


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Nash is a fit made by the Swedish brand Indigofera in collaboration with the artist Israel Nash. The fit is perfect if you want a pair of skinny jeans, but also want to be able to sit down and get on a bike. In other words, these jeans are really snug around the calves and the upper section has a slightly looser cut that allows for movement and having dinner.

This version of Nash is sewn in 14oz Japanese Indigo Black selvage denim. It is woven at the mill Nihon Menpu and it is in a very dark blue color. The hue is a result of the weaving process, where the warp yarn is dyed with indigo and the weft, wich is usually in undyed white, is here dyed black with Indigoferas special gunpowder dye. Both yarns have white cores that will allow them to fade over time, showing of the best of both blue and black denim hues. 

Hemming is always included when you purchase a pair of jeans from us! Give us a comment or an email when you place your order and we will shorten them before we send them.

- 14oz Japanese Indigo Black selvage denim
- Indigofera Nash jeans
- High waist, slim tapered leg
- 14 oz Selvage Denim. 100% Cotton. Milled in Japan
- 3 By 1 twill construction
- Rope dye

- Made in Portugal