Obbi Good Label One Inch Hand dye Black Leather Belt

Obbi Good Label

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These belts are hand made by Obbi Good Label in Singapore. The leather used in them belts is a veg tanned cow hide with a thickness of 4mm, with the front of the hide hand-dyed black and then cut in pieces to make the belts. Due to the fact that these belts aren't colored all the way through you will get great aging over time and the natural color of the leather will come through when the black dye wears out. 

Obbi Good Label always cut the hide from the head-end to the tail-end, which gives a strong leather that won't stretch much when used. 

Our recommendation is to alway go for a belt thats made of one piece of leather just like this rather than two pieces that are stitched together, because in that case the seams will break with time making the belt useless. This belt however will only get better with time and if something would break after years of use it will also be easy to repair!

To measure a belt you take the measurement from the buckle to the middle hole and that number should match the width around your waist. In that way you will have holes ready if your waist measure becomes bigger or smaller.

- Obbi Good Label Ladies Hand dye Black Leather Belt
- Solid brass buckle
- 100% Genuine leather
- 2,5 cm wide
- Made in Singapore