Polarfararnas Kläder, På Liv och Död Book

Polarfararnas Kläder, På Liv och Död Book

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The author Karl-Gunnar Norén has been spending last two years trying to find all the information he could covering the polar explorers of the late 19'th century and early 20'th century, focusing on what they wore and how their clothes came to affect the outcome of there journeys.

In this book you will get a brief history of the the explorers Dr Fridtjof Nansen, S. A. Andrée, Otto Nordenskjöld, Roland Amundsen, Robert Falcon Scott, Ernest Shackleton and Richard Byrd. Karl-Gunnar tells the story of who they were and what they accomplished, or didn't accomplish, when they set out on their journeys to explore some of the most harsh regions on this planet.

This book focuses on the clothing worn by the expeditions and how that came to affect their missions. One thing we do know is that none of these brave men froze to death and understanding the basics of fabrics combined with the properties of the material and some skills in repairing has proven to be the key to be able to visit places where no-one had been before. 

Please note that this book is written in Swedish! But it also features a lot of interesting pictures for the one interested in the topic.

An interview with Karl-Gunnar can be found Here! 

- Polarfararnas Kläder, På Liv och Död
- 292 pages
- Format 19×25x3,3 cm

- Black and white pictures
- Written in Swedish

- Autor: Karl-Gunnar Norén
- Publisher: Nilsen & Norén Förlag
- Editor: Olga Nielsen
- Printed by bulls Graphics, Halmstad 2018