Thunders Love Women's Pink Recycled Socks

Thunders Love

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Thunders Love socks are designed in a little village in the North west of Spain near Portugal border, and they are produced in small Portuguese family workshops by hosiers who have been doing this throughout three generations

These Brown Love socks are made with recycled blend cotton of many colours. Produced with original and resistant threads from a mixture technique that combine multicolor yarns to create a new color fusion.

In addition these socks are divided in three stripes with different chromatic combination to create unique look. As such, in the upper yarn mix prevail a elegant and sober blue palette. In the mid highlights the warmth of Earth colours like brown, beige, yellow and orange. Finally a vibrant pink and red combination on the tip. 

- Thunders Love Women's Pink Recycled Socks
- One size
- EUR 36 - 39
- US 5 - 7
- Eco-friendly product
- High quality Egyptian cotton
- 90% Recycled cotton
- 8% Polyamide
- 2% Elastane
- Made in Portugal