W'menswear Launch Coverall

W'menswear Launch Coverall


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W'menswear is a small brand founded by Lauren Yates focused on designing hard-hitting garments for hard-hitting women, developed with inspiration from women through history who paved way for future generations.

The inspiration for this seasons collection from W'menswear comes from the 50'th anniversary of the Apollo 11 space mission and Lauren has looked out in the deepest space when developing this collection. 

This is W'menswears version of a launch suit inspired by space suits and work overalls worn during the space age in the middle of the last century. The fit has been updated to make it more contemporary, and the suit has two chest pockets, four front pockets (two on each side), two rear pockets and one smaller pocket located on the thigh. 

The fabric is a nice and thick cotton jungle cloth (Cotton Grosgrain) thats similar to the fabric used by the USN in the 40/50's and well known for it's durability and to be weather resistant. The front and rear pockets along with the collar is made of a thin nylon ripstop fabric that adds a beautiful contrast to the garment.This fabric is similar to a parachute fabric thats very thin and light weight, while also being super strong.

- Copy of W'menswear Launch Coverall
- 100% Cotton
- Two chest pockets
- Two front pockets
- Two back pockets
- One small carpenter pocket
- Zippers at the end of sleeves
- Made in Japan

All measurements are in centimeters and measured on a flat surface. The thigh measurements are taken 10 centimeters down from the crotch straight across the pant leg. Front rise is from center of the crouch to end of neck and back rise is measured from the center of the crouch to the end of the neck at the back. Sleeve length is made 

 Size 8 10 12
Waist 41,5cm 44cm 47cm
Inseam 68,5cm 70cm 71cm
Front rise 71cm 72cm 74cm
Back rise 83cm 86cm 88cm
Thigh 31cm 32cm 34cm
Leg opening 23cm 24cm 25cm
Sleeve length 45cm 47,5cm 47,5cm