Dead Stock Short Swedish Army Wool Scarf

Second Sunrise

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Vintage wool scarf issued for the Swedish army. These scarfs are dead stock and has never been used. They are made of a fine knitted wool quality in a deep navy color that will be easy to match with other garments and when it comes to keeping warm, there is no fiber that will do the job better than wool! Also remember that wool has the unique ability to keep you warm even when wet, a great spec for any garment worn during the Swedish winter.

Please note that these scarfs are vintage and have been stored for years so they might have that distinct vintage smell. It's not strong however, and will air out when the scarf is worn in fresh air for a while.

Length - 110 cm
Width - 18 cm

- Deadstock Short Swedish Army Wool Scarf
- Deep navy color
- No branding or stamps