ELMC Roadstar Horsehide Jacket American Walnut

ELMC Roadstar Horsehide Jacket American Walnut


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The Roadstar was first made by Eastman Leather Clothing back in 1990, and it was the one and only vintage-style motorcycle jacket made by the brand back then. The ELMC line was lanched in Feb 2014 and the Roadstar got new life side by side with other great garments made for the modern rider, inspired by vintage classical garments.

As some may notice, it bears a striking resemblance to several of the early Buco models such as the J-21 and J-24, and the reason for that is simply because they were the inspiration behind it.

The jacket features classical details such as side zipper, D-pocket, action back and belt loops and the veg-tanned horsehide will age to perfection when worn for a couple of years. Give it some time and it will be hard to tell this one from an original vintage one from the 40's!

- ELMC Roadstar Horsehide Jacket American Walnut
- 2.5oz Italian premium grade veg-tanned horsehide
- 100% wool plaid lining
- 100% cotton silesia sleeve linings
- 100% cotton-drill pocket linings
Dull-nickel vintage metal zips
- Made in the UK

 Size Chart

Width Length Sleeve
42 58cm 63cm 47,5cm
44 60cm 65cm 48,5cm