Fullcount Indigo Sweatshirt

Fullcount Indigo Sweatshirt


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Indigo dyed sweatshirt made in Japan by Fullcount. The sweatshirt is inspired by classic sportswear garments from the middle of the 20th century. The sweatshirt is dyed in a dark blue indigo shade and the idea with this garment is that it will look it's best when worn and used for a long time.

Indigo is the dye used in blue jeans and Fullcount, known for making some of the world's most well-regarded jeans marries the wear characteristics of jeans with the comfort and utility of a well-sewn sweatshirt.

- Fullcount Indigo Sweatshirt.
- Lot 3721EX.
- Indigo blue.
- 100% cotton.
- Made in Japan.

 Size Chart

Width Length Sleeve Length
38 51cm 61cm 60cm
40 55cm 63cm 61cm


58cm 65cm 61cm