H. W. Dog & Co. Indigo Sailor Hat

H. W. Dog & Co. Indigo Sailor Hat

H. W. Dog & Co.

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The H. W Dog & Co is a headwear manufacturer located in Japan. Their inspiration comes from traditional headwear from different eras and the result is garments made in a contemporary style focusing on quality, functionality and long lasting styles that hopefully will stand the test of time.

This classic 6 panels cap also known as the "Dixie Cup" sailors hat has it's roots back in the 1886 when it was authorized to be worn by the US Navy during the summer months to help shield the hardworking sailors from the bright sunlight. Looking at old pictures of recruits of the navy one can see that the sailors who wore them could fold the brim in different ways to reflect their individual personality while still keeping within the limits of clothing restrictions.

This hat can be worn with the brim folded upwards to protect you from the sun while still not compromising on your sight, and if folded down it becomes a traditional bucket hat. The stiffness of the brim is achieved by multiple stitches 
adding sturdiness that will make sure that the brim keeps it's shape! The seams on the inside are also covered by a cotton panel. 

The fabric is a indigo twill recreated to the same standard as the indigo pants and jackets worn by the USN in the 40s and if you have seen vintage garments from that time you know that they will age to perfection. Given that this hat is all cotton and that you will wear it on your head to protect against the sun it will fade quickly, so give it a few seasons in the sun and a few soaks in the water and it will look amazing!

- H. W. Dog & Co. Indigo Sailor Hat
- 100% cotton
- No size adjuster
- 75 mm brim
- Measures 195 mm from edge to top of the dome 
- Navy color
- Made in Japan