Indigo People Scarf Hoshi

Indigo People

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This scarf is made out of manually spun cotton, a slightly textured thread. It is hand-woven on a treadle loom with a narrow width, and the selvedges run along the scarfs full length. In each end, the scarf is finished off with fringes created by the warp. 

The pattern of this scarf is made using a technique known as mud printing. The fabric is marked up with mud and the fabric is dyed. After dying the pattern will show when the mud is washed of the fabric, leaving parts of the cotton un-dyed. The technique is ancient and resist dyeing is most likely one of the oldest ways used to make patterns on fabrics. 

- Indigo People Scarf Hoshi.
- Hand woven.
- Dyed using natural indigo.
- Mud-printed pattern.