Juniper Ridge Cabin Spray Big Sur

Juniper Ridge Cabin Spray Big Sur

Juniper Ridge

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A sprayable, wildharvested room-fragrance from the wild sage gardens of Central California. Petrochemical-free, the Big Sur Cabin Spray is a light hit of the wilderness, designed on the trail and distilled around the campfire. A aromatic snapshot of life on the trail.

Spray once or twice to bring the Big Sur gardens indoors. Spray as a linen refresher or to simply change the mood of the room. Because it's just mountain wildflowers, our Cabin Spray will never overstay its welcome.

Scent Notes:
Minty, misty, ocean: Mist climbing the sage gardens of California’s central coast. Cypress and Monterey Pine pitch in black soil rife with mushrooms. Deep redwood canyons giving way to endless wildflower meadows under Junipero Serra Peak.

- Organic sugar cane alcohol
- tree pitch
- plant sap/juice
- steam-distilled essential oils
- Extractions of coastal plants, bark, needle and other things found hiking in the backcountry.