Obbi Good Label Nato Watch Strap Veg Tan Black

Obbi Good Label

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The NATO strap, also known as the G10 strap dates back to 1973 and was first issued for the British army. It has regained its popularity to this day due to the functional construction and military design. 

The vegetable-tanned leather used in these watch straps has been proven for its aging properties and highly characterized natural grains that becomes visible with time. It is tough and durable and will last a lifetime.

Obbi Good Label Nato Watch Strap Veg Tan Black.
- 22mm wide.
- 18,5 cm from buckle to middle hole.
- Handmade in Singapore.
- Saddle Cowhide leather.
- Stainless Steel.
- Will age beautifully with great patina.
- Hand-stitch.