Persson & Persson Smiley Glass Blue

Persson & Persson

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Persson & Persson is a small glasswork located in Småland in the southern part of Sweden. It is run by the couple Elin and Morgan Persson and together they create the most beautiful art. When choosing materials they focus recycling and use old glass to make something new. 

These smiley glasses are made of old bottles. The bottles are cut and decorated with a smiley and then reshaped to give them the proper shape for a glass. In the process the smiley will turn out different on each and every one, and the same goes for the width and the height of the glass making them completely unique in a most beautiful way. 

Starting the day with a glass of juice poured in a glass that smiles at you will surely have an impact of the entire day, of that we can assure you :)

- Persson & Persson Smiley Glass Blue
- Approximately 12 cm high and 7,5 cm in diameter 
- Mouth-blown and hand shaped
- Reshaped from old bottles 
- Hand made in Småland