Second Hand Chamula Veracruz Leather Shoes Tan 1 Size 9,5

Second Hand Chamula Veracruz Leather Shoes Tan 1 Size 9,5


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This is a pair of second hand Chamula Veracruz leather shoes. The size is US 9,5. The condition is worn, but the overall condition is good. They have been worn for one summer. The soles a slightly worn on the heels, there are small discolouration on the leather, but the pair has a lot of life left in them and they look great. The previous owner has also added an inner leather sole for more comfort.


These Chamula Veracruz leather shoes are handmade in Mexico by indigenous artisans using traditional huarache making equipments and techniques.

Huarache is the name of a traditional sandal making crafts originating from Mexico, Originally these sandals wear made of all-leather and later designs included woven string soles and occasionally thin wooden soles. Today these shoes are made in a 
traditional way but with rubber soles for durability. For a Mexican leather sandal to be considered a traditional huaraches they need to be handmade, and have a woven-leather form in the upper.

The Veracruz Shoes is the result of mixing the crafts behind a traditional Mexican huarache with the shape of a loafer! Making them a great pair of leather shoe to wear during the warm summer days. The all natural organic braided leather will shape perfectly to your feet when worn and the bright tanned color will darken in the most beautiful way when used and exposed to the sun.

- Second Hand Chamula Veracruz Leather Shoes Tan 1
- Size 9,5
Round toe
- Lace-up

- Leather laces
Organic 100% vegetable tanned leather
- Handcut, handdyed and handwoven
- Sole, Crepe, comfortable, soft to walk on and slip-resistant
- Hand made in Mexico