Second Hand Speier's Brand Cotton HBT Twill Cap

Second Hand Speier's Brand Cotton HBT Twill Cap

Second Sunrise

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We are actually not familiar with the Speier's Brand but we estimate this to be a Japanese brand by looking att the carefulness behind it's making as well as the quality of the fabric used in it.

The fabric is a nice and cotton herringbone twill, a fabric that got it's name because the texture resembles the skeleton of a herring. This weaving technique is most commonly used in wool textiles and for more dressed up suits, but during the 40 and 50s it was also used in the military and and in workwear garments and that's were this jacket find it's inspiration. The cotton herringbone fabric was referred to as the "HBT twill".

One of the best details with this cap is that the screen is not hard, which means you can fold it and put it in your pocket or bag without having to worry about it taking damage! This also means that you can wash it as much as you like and you might already know that it can be a necessity if you wear it during the hot and sweaty days of the summer.

This cap is second hand but in great condition and it hasen been used much at all by it's previous owner. 

- Second Hand Speier's Brand Cotton HBT Twill Cap
- Size 62 cm 
- 100% cotton HBT Twill fabric
- Taped internal seams
- Pre washed