Vintage 1940s / 50s Swedish Army Pants

Vintage 1940s / 50s Swedish Army Pants "Grötbyxor"

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These pants are known as "Grötbyxor" ("Porridge pants") in Sweden and were issued for the Swedish army back in the 40s/50s intended to be worn as casual clothing when spending time in camp.
These pants have a wide and comfortable fit and are made of a durable twill fabric. They have chinch backs for easy adjustment of the waist size, a single back pocket, suspender buttons and button fly. Inside you will find the three crowns, the Swedish mark for military production printed. A few of them has a single crown printed and that tells us that those ones might be as old as the late 30s to the early 40s. 

The condition of the pants is over all good but smaller repairs and/or stains might occur, given that they have been worn by the army one can expect that they have been used a lot but over all the condition is great. The fabric has also developed a softness that only can be achieved by years of use and lots of washes.   
When it comes to vintage Swedish army clothes it is getting harder and harder to find, and if one would compare the amount of military clothes made in Sweden as to other European countries or USA it becomes clear that the production must have been much lower. Therefore we became very happy that we managed to get our hands on a decent quantity of them! 

Variation of the fabrics. If you decide to purchase this product it is important to know that you aren't buying the exact pair that you see here. The pictures are intended to give you an idea of how the pants might fit, and in the last picture you can see that there is a lot of color variations. All of them are grey but some might be brighter and some will have more green in them. If you have a preference for a darker or lighter color just gives us a comment while placing your order and we will do our best to match your request.

How the sizing works. We have measured the pants on a flat surface and the Waist measurement is the circumference and the Leg length is measured on the outside of the legs from the waist down.
- Vintage 1940s / 50s Swedish Army Pants "Grötbyxor"
- 100% Cotton
- Button fly 
- Suspender buttons
- Chinch back for adjustment of the waist size
- Single back pocket
- Two front pockets
- Beltloops
- Pocket bags made of thick cotton canvas
- Made in Sweden