Vintage M-43 WWII Field Jacket

Vintage M-43 WWII Field Jacket

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The M-43 Field Jacket was introduced in 1942 and served as a longer version of it's predecessor the M1941 Field Jacket. The jacket was made in windproof cotton sateen cloth and feature four pockets on the front and a drawstring waist. It remained in service until it was replaced by the M-51 Field Jacket. 

This jacket is vintage and has been used a lot, the edges of the cuffs are frayed and the collar has been repaired with a patch at the back of the neck. The jacket is also missing a button at the front but it's easy to move one button from underneath the collar to replace it. The same goes for the cuffs which is missing one of the two buttons on each side.

- Vintage M-43 WWII Field Jacket
- Four pockets
- Drawstring waist

Width Length Sleeve length
58cm 74cm 52cm