Second Hand Fujito M-65 Fishtail Parka White Size 3

Second Hand Fujito M-65 Fishtail Parka White Size 3

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This is a second hand Fujito M-65 Fishtail parka in white cotton. It´s sized as Japanese 3 which is comparative to size medium. The design is heavely influenced by the US Army original fishtail parka, but some changes can be seen. This version comes in all white, it doesn´t have hood, it has a soft lined collar.

The parka is second hand and shows signs of wear, but the overall condition is good.

Fujito is a brand owned by Japanese designer Go Fujito. He´s a designer whom draw a lot of his inspiration from archival garments, but also from subcultures growing up during the 80's and 90's.

The M-65 Parka, also known as the "Fish Tail Parka" was originally issued for the US Army during the Korean war back in 1950-53 originally named the M-51. The name refers to the year it became standard issue (1951) and it became the standard issue cold weather parka.

Regarding the history of the parka it wasn't the army who gave the jacket it's iconic status! Today it's hard to mention the Fish Tail parka without thinking of the British mod subculture in the 1950s and 60s. The parka along with a slim cut suit, modern jazz music and riding a Vespa or Lambretta was the way of life for this growing subculture!

The name Fish Tail comes from the split back that looks like the tail of a fish. The design allows the garment to be fastened around each leg for added warmth.

Johan is 173 cm tall with a weight of 67 kilos.

- Second Hand Fujito M-65 Fishtail Parka White Size 3
- Shell fabric cotton
- Lining made of cupro
- Cow leather details
- Zipper
- Made in Japan

All measurements are in centimeters and measured on a flat surface. Width is measured straight across the chest from armpit to armpit, length is measured at the back of the garment from the neck down and the sleeve length is measured on the underarm from the armpit to the end of the cuff. 

 Size Chart

Width Length Sleeve length
3 / M 64cm 108cm 50cm