Vintage Stamped Silver Bracelet

Vintage Stamped Silver Bracelet

Second Sunrise

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This is a thick and heavy silver bracelet with a stamped pattern. The bracelet has no makers marks and we are not sure about it's age, the design is a classic Navajo style. It is hand made and most likely forged from a silver ingot that has been stamped with a pattern and later shaped to fit a wrist. The bracelet is beautifully crafted and the condition of it is just perfect!

The stamped pattern isn't perfectly straight if one looks at it from the front, a detail that adds a certain charm and is a result that shows us that someone made this bracelet all by hand.

- Vintage Stamped Silver Bracelet
- Weighs 57 g
- Measures 13,2 cm measured on the inside
- Width 1,8 cm
- Made of sterling silver