W'menswear Conspiracy Hat

W'menswear Conspiracy Hat


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W'menswear is a small brand founded by Lauren Yates focused on designing hard-hitting garments for hard-hitting women, developed from inspirational women through history who paved way for future generations.

The inspiration for this seasons collection from W'menswear comes from the 50'th anniversary of the Apollo 11 space mission and Lauren has looked out in the deepest space when developing this collection. 

What better way to capture the space age than to make a conspiracy hat? Wear it to protect your head from the falling rain and your mind from being invaded at the same time! 
This thin foil hat might be the most tactical and functional headgear that we have ever carried :)

- W'menswear Conspiracy Hat
- Made of nylon thin foil fabric
- Lined with cotton fabric
- Measures 58 cm