Future events: Worn over time popup


Whenever we are traveling we try to find people who share our interests, and this is how we came to meet our friend Mark. He and his wife Lorraine specialize in vintage American Jewelry and usually resides in Los Angeles, but now Mark has come to visit us in Stockholm! 

Their jewelry is usually available at the Rose Bowl market, which is held once a month in LA and this is where Douglas first met them three years ago. In the summer 2016 Mark stopped by Stockholm to showcase his vintage jewelry, and it was such a great day he decided to stop by once again. The only problem last time was that it was a one day only pop-up, so we decided to not make the same mistake again and this time we will arrange a two-day pop-up!

On Friday the 13'th Mark will set up shop at Second Sunrise, offering his selection including vintage Navajo, Zuni, WW2 memorabilia and biker related accessories. We will keep the store open to 21:00, so stop by if you want to learn more about vintage jewelry while having a cold beer with us! The following day, Saturday the 14th,  Mark will accompany us all day from 12-17 and this will be a perfect time to say hi while having a cup of freshly brewed coffee! 

We hope you can make it! If not for both days, then at least for one of them :)

Check out Mark and Lorraines website, Worn Over Time or their instagram @wornovertime for more images of what they do!

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