Vintage and commission

In our store you will find a range of vintage and second hand garments. We believe in a world where clothes are reused instead of thrown away and if you have a garment at home that you don't use for some reason we will be more than happy to help you to find a new owner for it! The garments have to be wearable and washed and we will only accept garments that we consider meet the standards of our store. Give us a call at +46 (0)8 643 39 15 or contact us before bringing them and we can tell you if we think the garments are suitable for our vintage/second hand range. We also appreciate if you take in consideration that the garments are suitable for the current season.

We generally don't buy vintage garments for the store, but offer to sell them on commission. 

At the moment, we haven't developed a system to be able to accept commission's sales from outside of Sweden. So right now we only accept clothes that can be handed in or sent to us from within Sweden.

The commission works like this:

1. Bring your washed and wearable garments to us. Please avoid Saturdays as we will not have time to look at the garments then. After we agree on the pricing we display them in the store. If time permits, we will post them on the web shop but keep in mind that this might take a while and we will prioritize garments that suit the season.

2. Contact us after 90 days and we will see what has been sold.

3. When a garment finds a new owner the money is shared in a 40/60 split between you and the store. Your payment can be received in cash in the store or by transferring the amount to your account, or as store credit. We do however need you to sign a receipt of the transaction.

4. If the garments are not sold within 90 days we might need you to come and pick them up. We will not be able to send them back to you. 

If we don't hear from you within a month after we contacted you about the returns, the garments will be donated to a welfare organization of our choice.