Blue Highway Clothing Organic Lahmann Shirt 3/4 Sleeve Made in Sweden

Blue Highway Clothing Organic Lahmann Shirt 3/4 Sleeve Made in Sweden

Blue Highway Clothing

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The Swedish textile industry was known for producing top quality products up until the late 70's, when productions were moved out of the country as companies started looking for cheaper labour. A lot of the knowledge about garment manufacturing got lost in the years that followed and today only a handful of manufacturers remain in Sweden.

We are happy to be part of the movement that tries to bring textile and garment production back to Sweden again! Even if the old machines have been stored away for decades we think it's time to bring them out and get them running again. 
These t-shirts are made in southern Sweden, knitted on vintage tubular rib-knit machines from the early 20th century. The cotton used is organic GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certificated cotton. In other words, the cotton is grown whiteout pesticide and fertilizers, free from GMO and the plantation also has a water cleaning plant. These are just some of all the criteria that goes behind the GOTS certificate.

The fabric of this t-shirt is a heavy ribbed cotton named after Heinrich Lahmann, a German physician who was active during the later parts of the 1800's. Dr. Lahmann ran his own sanatorium where people came for long or short stays to improve their health by means of fresh air, regular exercise, vegetarian diets and wearing cotton underwear!
During this time clothing could be seen as just as beneficial for the individuals health as changing ones diet, and Dr. Lahmann was of the idea that it was important to allow for good ventilation of the body. One example of this is his loose collars that supposedly made it easier to breath compared to the tight, starched variants favored at the time, and another one is the special cotton fabric in the undergarments he produced. The idea of the fabric is that the loose knit creates lots of pockets of air that will keep the wearer warm and help leading away toxins from the body. The garments became widely popular and many companies started making their own version of the Lahmann knit, making the heavy cotton rib synonymous with sturdy undergarments. 

This model has a traditional cut with 3/4 sleeves, so that the t-shirt can be worn underneath a shirt without any risk of the undershirts cuff peeping out. The seams are made using cotton thread, and the same goes for the neck label because we felt it would be a shame to add plastic to the garment and it won't be itchy at the back of your neck. 

Sizing - These t-shirts are knitted on vintage machines from a time when a t-shirt was intended to be worn as a undergarment so the sizes are quite small. Make sure to check the measurements! We would recommend you to go for one size bigger than you normally wear. With time and wear the rib-knit will adapt to your boddy in a great way and feel more comfortable and the thickness will also make sure that you stay warm.

- Blue Highway Clothing Organic Laman Shirt 3/4 Sleeve
- GOTS certificated cotton
- Organic cotton
- Made from 100% cotton
- Stitched using cotton thread
- Knitted on vintage tubular rib-knitting machines in Sweden
- Neck label made of cotton
- Made in Sweden

All measurements are in centimeters and measured on a flat surface. Width is measured straight across the chest from armpit to armpit. The length is measured at the back of the garment from the neck down.

 Size Chart

Width Length Sleeve Length
4 / XS 43cm 63cm 42cm

5 / S

48cm 64cm 40cm
6 / M 52cm 65cm 40cm
7 / L 54cm 68cm 41cm

8 / XL

56 74cm 42cm