Warehouse & Co Lot 70201xx Jeans One Wash

Warehouse & Co Lot 70201xx Jeans One Wash

Warehouse & Co

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Warehouse is part of the "Osaka Five", the five denim manufacturers that came to build the foundation of the modern scene of raw denim. Warehouse started their production back in 1995 and are today best known for making some of the finest vintage replica garments in the world. According to them, the key to make vintage inspired clothing is to use vintage machines and traditional techniques without compromising on quality.

For these jeans Warehouse has been inspired by the American artist Georgia O’Keeffe (1887-1986). She was one of the first female painters to achieve a world wide acclaim from both critics and the public and with her vision of finding nature’s essential and abstract forms she became known as the “Mother of American Modernism”. 

Georgia was also well known for the way she dressed and her love for nature was not only seen in her paintings but could also be seen in her wardrobe which consisted of garments made of natural materials like silk, wool, and cotton. There are plenty of photos of Georgia wearing 701's, the Levi's women's blue jeans, while spending her days on the farm in New Mexico. 

We are especially happy to see that the Japanese brand Warehouse has made these jeans inspired by such a strong and iconic person, especially since they are a men's wear brand and here they show us that a pair of well made jeans with a high waist and wide legs is one of the most functional, durable and long lasting garments one could have in ones wardrobe. We believe that it is time to broaden the concept of workwear heroes and look further than male American bikers, cowboys and rock stars. We are ready for the female painter to take the spotlight! 

The jeans are pre-washed so they wont shrink when worn. You can expect them to expand slightly when you wear them. Due to the nature of the fabric of these jeans have a strong leg-twist, just as the original vintage jeans back in the days. Warehouse uses right hand denim just like Levi's did and that makes the legs twist in the right direction. 

Hemming is always included when you purchase a pair of jeans from us! Give us a comment during check out and we will shorten them before we send them. Keep in mind that you won't be able to return the jeans if we alter the length for you.

For hemming, we'll use a vintage Union Special chain stitch sewing machine, to match the original seam of the jeans.

- Warehouse & Co Lot 70201xx Jeans One Wash
- 100% Cotton
- One wash
- Unbleached cotton selvedge denim
- Warehouse & Co paper patch
- Hidden back pocket rivets 
- Button fly 
- V-stitch behind top button
- Made in Japan

All measurements are in centimeters and measured on a flat surface. The thigh measurements are taken 10 centimeters down from the crotch straight across the pant leg.

 Size 28 29 30 31
Waist 34 37 39 40
Inseam 70 70 70 70
Front rise 30,5 31 32 32,5
Back rise 41 41,5 42 43
Thigh 28,5 29,5 31 31
Leg opening 20,5 21 22 22

 Size 32 33 34 36
Waist 41 42 43 45
Inseam 70 71 71 71
Front rise 33 33,5 34 34,5
Back rise 43,5 44 45 45,5
Thigh 31,5 32,5 33,5 34
Leg opening 22 23 23,5 23,5