Indigofera Fargo Shirt LTD Gunpowder Ten Years Anniversary

Indigofera Fargo Shirt LTD Gunpowder Ten Years Anniversary


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This is a limited version of the iconic Fargo shirt / jacket made by the Swedish brand Indigofera. 2019 marks their tenth year anniversary and what would be a better way to do so than to bring back some iconic garments made by the brand through the years? 

The Fargo was actually the very first denim jacket the brand made and within the first few years the Gunpowder fabric was also born. It has now been a few years since we saw Fargo in gunpowder so we are happy to have this limited item in the store right now!

In order to add a unique detail to this version of the Fargo Indigofera teamed up with graphic designer Björn Atldax who made a version of the classical “Liberty cuffs” for the jacket. These embroidered patches were popular among the seamen who served the US Navy during WW2 and would be stitched onto the inside of the uniform. Common motifs would include mermaids, dragons and other eye-catching characters and a popular place to fasten the patches was on the inside of the cuffs so that when in service the uniform could look formal and when not in service or when in harbor the cuffs could be rolled up, showing the patches and also adding some personality to the uniform. 

In the pictures here Douglas wears the jacket cuffed to show the embroidery but it will get a nice and clean look with the cuffs turned down, just like the sailors did back in the day.

Fargo is best described as an unlined shirt/jacket in a clean cut that just keeps going. It is on the large side of the sizing-scale because it was initially intended to be worn as a jacket, so if you aim for a slimmer look you might want to go down one size from your usual preference. Check out the sizing scale below to be sure!

The fabric used is a black 14oz Japanese selvage woven at the mill Nihon Menpu in Japan. Imagine a black denim fabric that would age in the same way as a pair of raw blue jeans! The Gunpowder fabric is made to do just that. The stiffness of the fabric breaks in when worn, and the shirt ages in a very nice way. 

Fargo is perfect to wear as a jacket over a t-shirt in warm weather or with a warm wool knit when it gets cold. It is sparingly ornamented, which makes it easy to combine with other garments.

- Indigofera Fargo Shirt Gunpowder Ten Years Anniversary
- 14 oz Japanese selvage denim fabric
- Rope dyed with sulfur, hence the name "Gunpowder" 
- 100% Cotton

- Two chest pockets
- Unwashed pre-shrunk fabric
- Made in portugal

All measurements are in centimeters and measured on a flat surface. Width is measured straight across the chest from armpit to armpit, length is measured at the back of the garment from the neck down and the sleeve length is measured on the underarm from the armpit to the end of the cuff. 

 Size Chart

Width Length Sleeve length


56cm 72cm 54cm
M 60cm 74cm 55cm
L 62cm 76cm 56cm