Japan Blue Sashiko Bucket Hat

Japan Blue Sashiko Bucket Hat

Japan Blue

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Japan blue's own line is all about the material! This beautiful hat is made from a unique indigo dyed cotton sashiko fabric woven in Japan!

The style of the hat is a so called Bucket hat that is said to have it's origin around the 1900, as a farmer and fisherman hat in Ireland. The downward sloping brim was a great protection from the rain and because the hats were made of soft material they could easily be folded to fit inside a coat pocket. The style was later adopted by the US army and the shape of the traditional bucket hat as we know it today was introduced during the Vietnam war as a tropical hat made from olive drab cotton that was issued to the US Army.

The fabric used in this is a Japanese double indigo sashiko fabric. Traditionally this kind of fabric has been used to make sturdy and durable garments such as budo clothes and clothes for Japanese firemen, back in the days before nylon and technical fabrics. The beautiful texture of the fabric is achieved by a thicker thread that has bean woven in to the fabric, adding sturdiness and texture. With time and wear the fabric will come to life in a beautiful way and the texture will come to life even more as the fabric fades.

- Japan Blue Sashiko Bucket Hat
- Japanese indigo dyed sashiko fabric
- 6 panel crown
- One size, 58cm
- 5,4 cm wide brim
- Lined with a thin indigo fabric
- Made in Japan