John Lofgren LK-003 Engineer Boots Horween Leather CXL Black

John Lofgren LK-003 Engineer Boots Horween Leather CXL Black

John Lofgren

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John Lofgren's Engineer Boots are inspired by the vintage engineer boots collected by John over several decades. This collection provides him with the inspiration and knowledge of how well-made boots should be constructed, and it's the foundation of his reputation as one of the worlds finest producer of boots! The Lofgren team is known to cherish the process and craftsmanship of boot making that in most cases today unfortunately have fallen into oblivion in a world of mass production.

These boots are made from start to finish by experienced craftsmen in Japan with no expenses spared in the sourcing of materials. 
The uppers are made from the highest grade Horween Chromexcel hides which is famous for it's beautiful aging properties and long lasting durability. With wear the brown core of the leather starts to show through the black surface, giving the leather a characteristic look that only gets more beautiful with time.

Thanks to their arch support, quality construction and durable soles, these boots are suitable for everyday wear no matter the occasion. They are comfortable straight out of the box and will only get more comfortable with wear as the insoles conform to your feet.

John Lofgren is famous for making sure that every step of the supply chain is being made under ethical working conditions, even down to the smallest nails and eyelets!

A common experience when first trying a pair of pull-on boots is that they feel large in the heel. However - your heel needs to be able to move in the beginning. A heel slip of about half an inch (a bit more than a centimeter) is completely normal and will prevent chafing. With some wear, the boot will form a crease above your heal, giving you a personal fit. 

The last picture shows how Second Sunrise owner Douglas's John Lofgren boots look now after several years of use. They really age with dignity! If you prefer a cleaner look you can of course keep them black by using black shoe cream instead of natural like Douglas prefers.

Please contact us for more information and sizing. We will be happy to help you out!

- John Lofgren LK-003 Engineer Boots Horween Leather CXL Black
- Lot No. LK-003
- D / Medium width
10.75" High shaft
- 1.75" Stacked woodsman heel
- Goodyear welted with British made storm welts
- Black Horween Chromexcel leather
Heavy single, double and triple stitched sewing
- Japanese horsehide lining
German made steel shanks
- Made in Japan brass buckles

- USA made Vibram 705 half soles and 700 heels
Embossed padded leather heel pad
Includes Japanese made John Lofgren Bootmaker box and dust bags
- Made in Japan