Larry Smith Thunderbird Pin OT-P0026

Larry Smith Thunderbird Pin OT-P0026

Larry Smith

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Larry Smith provides us with intricately crafted jewelry inspired by the heritage of the north Amercian Natives, heavily influenced by the traditional style of the late 1800s to 1940s. Adding a modern twist to the pieces, the skilled craftsmen work carefully to make certain that each piece is produced as a beautifully designed, handcrafted masterpiece.

Thunderbird silver brooch made by hand in Japan by Larry Smith. Inspired by Native American jewelry from the so called "Fred Harvey era" dating back to the early 20th century.

The Native Thunderbird Symbol represents power, protection, and strength. The mythical creature is said to be the dominating force of all-natural activity. The thunderbird is said to create the sound of thunder by flapping his large wings and shoots bolts of lightning from his eyes. By being the spirit that controls the rain, it also enables all living things to grow.

The word Concho, sometimes spelled Concha is a common symbol used in Native American silver jewelry. The word comes from the Spanich word meaning shell and one theory of the origin of the symbols use in Native jewelry is that the Navajo adapted it after they had first seen it used by the Spanish Mexicans.

The arrow is a symbol associated with the bow and the arrow, the important tools used for hunting and it is believed to be a symbol that represents protection and defense as well.

- Larry Smith OT-P0026 Thunderbird Feather Pattern Pin
- 6,2cm wide
- Hand made by Larry Smith in Japan
- Made of silver