Second Hand Deadstock Lee 101 50's Riders Jeans W31 / L32

Second Hand Deadstock Lee 101 50's Riders Jeans W31 / L32

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Lee Jeans is one of the most iconic brands when it comes to making blue jeans. The company has it's roots in Kansas and was founded back in 1889. They introduced the Union-All work jumpsuit in 1913 and since then the brand has been synonymous with workwear. In the 30's Lee started making jeans intended to be worn by working cowboys and during the next couple of decades they supplied America with durable workwear for a numbers of different occupations.  

This pair is a reproduction of the Lee Riders jeans from the 1950's. Like other brands, Lee went from being a workers garment before the second world war to making more casual clothes in the post war era. 
The Lee Rider model was designed to be worn by cowboys and intended to be comfortable to wear when riding a horse. Therefore the pockets are placed high on the hips and with a good space in between them, making the pants comfortable to wear when seated in the saddle. This placement also makes the pockets easy to reach into when sitting down! Another detail that is a trade mark of Lee jeans is the crossed bartacks that reinforces the edges of the back pockets. These bartacks add the same durability to the pocket construction as Levi's copper rivets but without the risk of scratching the leather of a saddle, car seat or a wooden chair.

Lee jeans were also famous for using so called "left hand twill" fabric. This is a weaving technique that makes the diagonal pattern in the denim fabric rise from the right upwards to the left, as opposed to the more common denim used for jeans where the diagonal goes from left to right. Because of the twisting of the yarn that is added when a left hand twill is woven the fabric becomes softer and fades faster than a right hand twill, qualities that anyone who has worn a pair of vintage Lee jeans will recognize. The fabric used in this pair is called "1970's Left Hand Twill". It's a 13 oz 100% cotton denim fabric where 13% of the cotton is recycled.

This pair is second hand but deadstock meaning that they still got all the original tags left. A great catch for one looking for a pair of vintage looking Lee jeans!

Hemming is always included when you purchase a pair of jeans from us! Give us a comment or an email when you place your order and we will shorten them before we send them. Keep in mind that you won't be able to return the jeans if we alter the length for you.

- Second Hand Deadstock Lee 101 50's Riders Jeans W31 / L32
- 100% cotton (13% recycled cotton)
- 13 oz Japanese selvedge denim
- Sanforized, will shrink less than 1% when washed
- Signature crossed bartacks on the corners of the backpockets
- Signature Lee branding iron leather patch
- Lined back pockets for added durability
- Zipper fly
- Belt loops

- Made in Italy

All measurements are in centimeters and measured on a flat surface. The thigh measurements are taken 10 centimeters down from the crotch straight across the pant leg.

 Size W31 / L32
Waist 42
Inseam 32 83
Front rise 32
Back rise 41
Thigh 29
Leg opening 22