Tender Type 461 Baste Shirt Chain Cord Yellow Ochre Dyed

Tender Type 461 Baste Shirt Chain Cord Yellow Ochre Dyed


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Tender is a one man brand based in England and the founder William Kroll continues to make beautiful clothes inspired by the history of durable workwear with a contemporary style.

What we appreciate when it comes to the aesthetics of Tender is that the appearance may look simple at first, but William is always adding smart and interesting details to the garments, combined with interesting textiles that feel great to wear. As far as possible all products are produced in England, from the weaving of the fabrics to cutting and sewing.

The Baste Pocket Shirt is named after a tailor’s baste- the first rough fitting for a bespoke garment. To allow for maximum alterations for custom clothes, wide inlays are left on the panels at first, and these are folded in and loosely sewn with baste stitches, using a soft easily-broken thread called ‘baste’. After a fitting these inlays are cut away and the garment is eventually finished.

The shirt is cut with long straight front panels, which are folded up to form a pocket, and back at the fronts to form a cut-away, like the basted front of a bespoke waistcoat.

Newly developed Cotton Chain Cord is woven in England-  the ecru cotton warp is pulled from the back of the cloth to the front, forming a series of twisting ridges which look like chain links, and form a vertical corded rib on the face of the fabric. The reverse side has corresponding dimples where the warp is pulled through, which can be seen on shirt pockets where the fabric is folded up at the hem. The indigo version of this fabric shows the construction particularly clearly, as the ecru warp is pulled up to form the chain cords, while the Japanese 25-dip rope-dyed indigo weft yarn sits behind, forming a deep blue base to the fabric, which will fade and soften beautifully with wear.

Dyed with yellow ochre, or limonite (for it's lemon-yellow colour). A naturally occurring iron ore. Yellow ochre was used as a pigment in neolithic cave paintings. Particulary in Africa, dating to approximately 2500 BCE. It has been mined for the production of iron for at least 4500 years. More recently was discovered to be an indicator of gold seams.

Douglas is 180 cm tall with a weigh of 84 kilos and wears a size 5.

- Tender Type 461 Baste Shirt Chain Cord Yellow Ochre Dyed
- 100% cotton
- Copper buttons
- Yellow Ochre Dyed
- Chain cord cloth woven in England
- Two big folded up front pockets
- Washed and wont shrink
- Made in England

All measurements are in centimeters and measured on a flat surface. Width is measured straight across the chest from armpit to armpit, length is measured at the back of the garment from the neck down and the sleeve length is measured on the underarm from the armpit to the end of the cuff. 

 Size Chart

Width Length Sleeve length
2 / S 48cm 74cm 57cm
3 / M 50cm 74cm 57cm
4 / L 51cm 74cm 57cm
5 / XL 53cm 75cm 57cm