A conversation about the connection between the denim world & Japanese boro

This year a unique and beautiful exhibition is shown at the East Asian Museum (Östasiatiska museet) here in Stockholm, Sweden. 

The exhibition is all about Japanese boro textiles and is the result of a collaboration between the East Asian Museum and Amuse Museum located in Tokyo, Japan.

"Broken, worn, patched and carefully repaired. Boro textiles tell about the art of surviving in a vulnerable place with scarce resources. In northern Japan, winters are cold and the population has historically been poor. Here, among farmers and fishermen, a distinctive female craft was developed where nothing was to be wasted."

With it we were happy to be invited to to participate in a conversation were we discuss the similarity between worn-out Japanese textiles, American work pants and the denim scene today.

The conversation was recorded by UR and in addition to Douglas Luhanko, our good friends Petra Holmberg - Japanese curator at the museum and Viktor Fredbäck - Denim collector are sharing there thought on the subject. 

Denim, Workwear och Boro


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  • Har en wrangler jacka ca 1957. Undrar vad den kan vara värd Tacksam för svar . Vill eventuellt sälja. Med vänlig hälsning, claes

    Claes lundgren

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