A quilt made of scraps & hemming cut offs

Almost three years ago that I got an idea for a quilt and started saving all the small pieces of fabric that for various reasons were left over in the store. We are very lucky to work with clothes made of fine quality fabrics and as we help our friends and customers with alterations and hemmings on both new and vintage garments the scrap heap tends to grow.

I really appreciate the concept of working with a set frame, and my idea in this case was to make a patchwork quilt using fabrics that came from the crap bin at Second Sunrise. Last week it was finished this is what it looks like! 
Douglas Luhanko quilt.
The quilt is a mixture of new and old, combining cloth from garments that we sell in our store with old indigo fabrics from Japan next to parts of an American army tent from the 40's, pieces of Swedish army garments from the same time period and a beautiful bread bag used by the Swedish army from the early 20'th century. 

I want to thank all the brands who unknowingly have contributed to my quilt by producing excellent cloth for this project. The ones I have been able to trace are Buzz Rickson's, OrSlow, Mister freedom, Hawkwood Mercantile, Pure Blue Japan, Indigofera, TCB Jeans, Tender, Levi's Vintage Clothing, Momotaro, Warehouse & Co, Solive, Workwear Hongkong, Studio D'artisan, Sally Fox cotton, Kapital and Daper.

Also a big thanks to all my friends who have contributed with vintage and second hand textiles. Among them are Johan Holmegard, Rikard Jäverling, Peter Hoas and Kerstin Neumüller.
Douglas Luhanko quilt
The quilt measures 215 * 180 cm. The pieces are sewn together on a sewing machine and the quilting itself, which shows as a grid on the backside of the quilt, is hand-stitched. For the back of the quilt I have used four pairs of worn out vintage 1940's / 50's Swedish army pants known as "Grötbyxor". 
Douglas Luhanko quilt.Douglas Luhanko quilt.Douglas Luhanko quilt.
In the quilt there is a small star that has been in the store for a long time. I know it comes from the United States and I suspect it is around a hundred years old, and that it was supposed to be a part of a quilt back them but just never found its place.  Unfortunately, I do not know who sewed it, but I'm happy to think that it has finally found its place on a finished quilt.
.Douglas Luhanko quilt.
The quilting seams are sewn by hand, one stitch at a time. These seams pierce through the front and back sides, as well as the cotton filling in between them and since these materials are thick, it was not possible to make more stitches than one at a time. The edge is also sewn by hand ans as you can see it has one small detail in orange. The back is otherwise made of different tones of gray so I felt that a small piece of color was needed to catch the eyes attention.


  • i like all you made. good

    waseem ahmed
  • Thanks for your kind words Peter!

    Douglas Luhanko
  • Majestic. A really lovely piece of work.


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