A small Woad plantation.

The other day it was time to put some Woad plants outside. A few weeks ago we got to know that there was a small spot just outside the store that we could use for planting. We felt that it would be just perfect for us to have a spot that we could check on and use to grow a few indigo plants. 

When it comes to growing woad it's good to start planting them inside so that the plants get a good start before planting them outside and we did that some weeks ago.  Since then the store window has been working as a small greenhouse for indigo plants. It's actually perfect since the sun shines on the front of the store all day, making it a warn place in the summer but great for growing. 

When the plants get some of there first leafs it's good to start to getting them used to the outside environment, we did this by just placing them in front of the store during the day when the sun was out and after a few days we felt that the small Woad seedlings were ready to be planted outside. You could grow Woad inside but they tend to get long and weak and will have tough time surviving outside if you plant them when they are big.

The Woad plant, just two or three weeks old when this picture was taken.

After store hours the other day when we put these seedlings in the soil.

If you stop by the store make sure to go say hi to the plants. We will also keep you updated on how the plantation is going and if every thing goes right we will make sure to show you how to dye using the leafs of the Woad plants. You can read more about all of this in the book we wrote "En handbok om Indigo" that you can find here, and if you would like to grow your own Woad we have seeds and seedlings in store right now.

Thanks and have a great and sunny day!

Best regards

//Douglas & Kerstin

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