Indigo sewing thread

A rather big part of our daily work in the store consists of repairing broken jeans and I just got an idea of how to step up the mending game.
The other day while I was thinking about how I wanted to do a collaboration with a sewing thread company to develop a indigo dyed thread, wich would be perfect for jeans-mending needs. Then I came to think of a spool of offwhite cotton thread that Ive been using for some "Visible repairs" lately, and the fact that I had kept an old indigo vat from our latest workshop, so I decided to give it a go! 
The thread is dyed in a strong indigo vat (we used the fructose recipe that you can read about in our book, only with much more indigo). 
Now we dream of making a series of indigo shades on thread, from lightest to darkest blue, and start offering the option to have your denim repaired with hand-dyed indigo thread.
Considering how relatively easy the dyeing process was I think its very possible that this could happen! Either way, it was fun to try out dyeing threads this thin and to manage to wind it up on the spool without ending up with a tangly mess of hopeless thread was even better. So if you happen to have a pair of broken jeans and like them to be repaired using our indigo thread just stop by and we will be happy to tell you more about it!
Undyed thread in the background, dyed thread in the foreground. 

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